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News, other tours and events

  • On 12 October 2018 MikeBikes was one of the finalists for the MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards 2018! Chief judgeH.E. Karin Mössenlechner, Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands reached out a certificate to MikeBikes.
  • Collecting empty bottles: This is in line with MikeBikes' commitment to promote and contribute to a cleaner and more liveable Kuala Lumpur. Mikebikes is recycling all the water bottles provided to its tourists. These empty water bottles are to be sent to Tzu Chi Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, which MikeBikes is collaborating with, to be recycled. The proceeds are to be donated to the Foundation's charity funds. Not only to protect the environment (as the plastic bottles will take up 450 years to be decomposed in the landfills), these empty bottles collected by Mikebikes will be turned into charity funds to help the poor and the needy, and eventually it can also be turned into blankets in aid of various disaster victims!
  • On 18 August 2018, the Dutch Association of Malaysia organized in close collaboration with The Dutch Embassy and Tourism Melaka a bicycle tour along the Dutch heritage in Melaka. Who was present? Yes, MikeBikes! We delivered the bikes and so both speakers, the Dutch Embassador, Karin Mössenlechner and Chief Minister of Melaka, Hon. Adly bin Zajari, had fun on the bikes form MikeBikes after their speech. Everyone happy! The entire organization by the NLV went flawlessly under a nice warm sun. They have created a nice drone video Melaka Heritage Cycling Trail that gives a good impression of this beautiful day.
  • We also join the Car Free Morning in KL; great FUN!
  • Maartje van Dongen has written a nice blog about MikeBikes, afte she cycled Kuala Lumpur SUNSET and Night Tour.
  • Would you like to see the video of 1e Kuala Lumpur SUNSET and NIGHT  tour? It was raining, but very amusing! Look to the video and if you like it, please follow us and share MikeBikes on Facebook.
  • 9 February 2018: We are very proud to announce that, Ms Sigrid Kaag, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, is the first person who used the 'blue ' bicycle paths. During this event she will be accompanied by the Dutch trade delegation and all are using MikeBikes bicycles. The group has used MikeBikes bicycles and cycle to the United Nations’ World Urban Forum, the developers of the “blue” bicycle paths. We thank the Dutch embassy in Kuala Lumpur for their participation in realizing this event. There were many journalists and national news papers paid attention to it.
  • Omnitraveler published a blog about MikeBikes. You can find it on Facebook van MikeBikes Kuala Lumpur or in Omnitraveler! If you like it, follow and share us on Facekook!
  • Other guided tours with unique themes, suchs as a Foodie tour, are being developed. Are you interested? Sign up for our Newsletter!