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General information

We are suspending all tours until 9 June due to the restriction from the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) announced by The Government of Malaysia regarding the COVID-19. We will reassess the situation again on June 7th. In case if allowed and we are be able to start our tours earlier in a safe and responsible way  we will inform you. Look at Facebook, Instagram and this website for up-to-date information.

For the time being all bookings from 10 June onwards are accepted and we will keep all people who booked up to date on the situation which may also be impacted by what the national government authorities will announce.

Keep distance, take care and stay safe! Team MikeBikes 🧡🚲🧡



Special discounts

The consequences for the guides in the tourist sector are enormous. With these special discount actions you support the local economy and directly our local guides.


Stripes card action

MikeBikes’ Friends 2020     Specially for expats, local people and companies!

Cycle a tour with one of our local MikeBikes 'guides until 1 July , 2021. Buy a stripes card and automatically become a member of MikeBikes' Friends 2020. MikeBikes 'Friends 2020 aims to restore the local guides' confidence in work and income. Enable local guides to resume work and support their families financially.

By buying the stripes card you can cycle at a big reduced rate. Whichever bike tour you choose; it applies to all bike tours ... from the popular "The Best of Kuala Lumpur Classic tour" to the delicious "Pitstop Foodie Tour". See how much fun a tour is!


* 5 stripes card for RM850 including 15% discount (normally RM995).

* 10 stripes card for RM1500 including 25% discount (normally RM1990).

Each stripe applies to one person from 7 years and older. Children between 0 and 6 years old cycle for free.


Companies can even use the stripes card to do Team Building Activities with specifically tailored assignments for the company's product or service. In addition, it is possible to use the stripes card for a tour that is cycled as a Corporate Social Responsibility which the company can publish.



  • Order one or more strip card (s) by sending an email to info@mikebikes.my (also if you have any questions).
  • You will receive a confirmation email from us with the invoice.
  • You can book the desired bike tour online.  Click in the box Organization: MikeBikes' Friends 2020.
  • Make a reservation for a minimum of 2 stripes per booking.
  • You will receive the stripes card at our office just before your booked tour starts.  

MikeBikes and the guides like to welcome you!


Discount 10% for all bookings until 1 July 2021

Kuala Lumpur 2.0     Special for our foreign guests!

Cycle together with one of our local MikeBikes' local toiur guides until 1 July 2021. Book a tour and support the local guides to restore their confidence in work and income. Make it possible that the local guides can resume their work and are be able to support again their families fiancially.

By booking via Kuala Lumpur 2.0 you are be able to cycle at a very reduced rate. Whichever tour you choose; it applies to all our guided cycle tours... from the popular 'The Best of Kuala Lumpur Classic tour’ until the delicious ‘Pitstop Foodie Tour’.  See how much fun a cycle tour is!



  • You can book the desired bike tour online in the box Organization: Click on Kuala Lumpur 2.0.
  • Make a reservation for a minimum of 2 strips per booking.
  • At the start the 10% discount is deducted.

MikeBikes and the guides like to welcome you!